me'na dubs canton, ohio her home. an area steeped with tradition. with a host of eclectic entertainers hailing from the area. walter williams, james ingram, howard hewett, and macy gray. just to have your name associated with these individuals is an achievement within it's self. she temporarily put aside her musical aspirations and focused on raising her family. me'na a power company executive was stricken with a rare congenital brain condition called a.v.m. she states, "it was a bomb exploding in my head!" surviving two brain surgeries, and a lengthy recovery. after the storm. she promised the savior, to lift her voice in praise, and give god the glory!

me'na was introduced to a cleveland based musical production team of the late douglas green, and nathaniel rhodes. the team took on the task of honing her vocal, and acting abilities. the collaboration led to her debut at the prestigious karamu theater in "no niggers, no jews, no dogs". her voice drove the productions soundtrack to great musical heights. she also did a stint as anne wiggins brown in the musical "gershwin by george". this operatic piece tested her abilities to it's fullest. which garnered critical acclaim!

then the vocalist channeled all of her energies into the completion of her debut cd. with the aid of visionary nathaniel rhodes and the exceptional bill ransom as producers. who decided to go with a live acoustical sound. the journey had begun. "living my life" is a collection of songs that convey a wide range of emotions. from the sensual "i of the storm". the poignant "time". me'na penned the introspective title track "living my life". the inspirational "journey begins with you". the melancholy "stoopid" is about an unintelligent situation. some well loved standards "summertime", "down by the river", and "my funny valentine". whether near a pulpit, or under concert lights. her dedication is unparalleled. realizing she is blessed! angels have certainly set her free. me'na is definitely "living her life".

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